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Most Common Ways to Break Your Wrist

The most common way to break your wrist is to use your hands to break you fall, ( To prevent breaking your nose!). This reaction is instinctive in all of us.

1. The Klutz

Most women fall tripping over something in the high heels! Since women are not going to stop wearing them,

they need to be more careful....hold onto railings, turn the lights on at night so you can actually see where you are going, and avoid potholes when crossing the street. (easier said than done in NYC). The worst mistake that everyone makes is talking on the phone while walking. Put the phone away so you don't trip!

2. The Athlete

Sports injuries sometimes can not be helped. especially when the sport is snowboarding or in-line skating. With any contact sport there is alway a risk of injury: football, hockey, rugby, horseback riding, and skiing are a few examples.

From personal experience, my fall was from a standing position on a ski hill, about to descend. I turned around to see if my kids were behind me and lost by balance. I braced myself with my hands and ended up with a broken wrist. Believe me you know the difference. between a broken bone and a sprain.

That is how I came up with Cast Style!

3. Prevention

You are not going to stop living your life, but you can:

Wear wrist guards for high-risk activities

Build bone strength with adequate calcium and vitamin D


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