I was on a family vacation skiing and I fell over onto my wrist and broke it.  After spending the day at the clinic, I was left in a cast for the next six weeks.  The cast could not have been uglier. 


I searched the web to see if I could purchase a cast cover that was fashionable and well-made.  There are a few companies that do this, but were mainly geared towards children. I could not find something elegant and functional that I would actually want to wear.


I had several parties to attend when I returned and could not think of going to a black-tie affair with that cast, so I decided to design and create something of my own. My design was such a hit, it even became a conversation piece.  So many of my friends and acquaintances asked where they could buy one.  What I created ended up becoming the prototype for the fashion arm cover.  My friends did not even realize that my wrist was broken, the cover looked that good.


There is a lot of stress that goes with an injury.  We all have so many responsibilities, with family, home and work.  I'm proud to offer a product that helps you look and feel your best while healing.


I grew up in Montreal, raised by two generations of quality clothing manufacturers. My father specialized in women’s high-end coats and suits. It seemed only natural for me to follow in his footsteps. Initially I became an accountant, but now I have now come full circle and am following our family tradition of design and development of luxury products. It is never too late! 

Esther Malamud

Owner, Cast Style