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Men Love Fashion TOO

There are a few good rules to follow when putting together your wardrobe:

I will cover six of them to get you started. And always remember, women do notice what you wear and how you are groomed! And so do other men.

1. Suit

Every man should have at least one good suit, preferably navy or grey. It is a good investment and find a good tailor so it fits perfectly. Also invest in the right shoes and socks to go with your suit. I happen to love the men's store, Suit Supply. Their fabrics are all made in Italy and the prices are reasonable.

2. Jewelry

All you need is a great looking watch. This is an investment so invest in it. Other than a wedding band or a pair of cufflinks, this is all you need.

3. Jeans

A pair of jeans needs to fit comfortably and look as if you have owned them forever. A few pair is advisable. Pick a style that looks great on you and stick to it. I happen to love Levi's.

4. Outerwear

Depending on where you live, you will most likely need a coat. You may want two. One for casual weekends and the other longer coat for work and evenings out. Fabrics today are amazing so you can purchase a light weight coat that will keep you warm. A scarf is always a nice accessory. You can experiment with color.

5. Grooming

Grooming is for me the most important. The first thing someone notices is your face. You maybe dressed impeccably, but if your face is not shaven well, your hair has no style and you look like you just rolled out of bed, and your teeth are not white and straight. The rest of it does not matter.

6. Injuries

Almost every man I know has had a sports injury during his lifetime. Who is preventing you from dressing up your orthopedic boot? Recently, my nephew's and his girlfriend had a party to attend. She did not want to see his ugly orthopedic boot. Cast Style to the rescue:

He looked great on him!

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