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This fashionable & functional decorative arm cast cover is designed to add a touch of style to the recovery process. Crafted from soft breathable fabric, it not only protects your cast from the elements bout also makes a statement with it's eye-catching design. 

The cover easily slips on and off with a zipper closure. Its stretchable fabric accomodates small to medium women's  sizes. 

The arm cover comes with a decorativeremoveable patent design that can be replaced with the organza flowers (sold sepereatley)

Embrace recovery with flair with this stylish solution to the temoporary inconvience of a cast.

Fashionable & Functional Designer Arm Cast Cover

  • This is a pull-on cover made with stretch fabric so it should fit most women.  The cover does not extend above the elbow.

  • The fashion arm cover can be hand washed in cold water and laid flat to dry. Remove the patent leather trim before washing.

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