Do High Heels Cause Bunions or Our DNA?

High Heels:

A bunion is a bump on the inside of your big toe joints or sometimes your pinky toe. Putting pressure on the big toe as you struggle to wear high heels exacerbates the problem. But the fashionistas that I know are not about to wear their grandma's orthopedic-style shoes. 23% of all adults between 18 and 65 will end up with a bunion and 36% of adults over 65. Women are twice as likely to suffer from bunions as men, mainly due to their high heels. This is why most people select surgery to remove the bunion and relieve the pain. The downside to surgery is about six weeks in an orthopedic boot. But for all you fashionistas, there is a "pretty" solution to that too!


Many of our ailments as we age are hereditary and so are bunions. The combination of our inherited foot structure and our shoe choices puts us in the 23% more likely to end up with a bunion or two.

On a personal Note:

Based on my 23 and Me results, I have a 26.4% likely to have a bunion. So far, so good, but then again I have been wearing sneakers for the past 2 years!